• accessories additional equipment
  • adhesive substance for sticking things together
  • aftercare service/attention after sale
  • airport take-off and landing for aircraft
  • air mixture of nitrogen and oxygen
  • anti-pilling prevention of loose surface fibres
  • anti-static prevents build-up of static electricity
  • aramid composite fire resistant fibre


  • balaclava head covering to protect from burning
  • bellows expandable (pocket)
  • bespoke made-to-measure
  • black colour
  • blue colour
  • boots footwear covering the ankle and lower leg
  • braces elasticated straps supporting trousers from shoulders
  • breathable the property of removing moisture vapour
  • buckle form of fastener


  • carbon C element
  • chemicals elementary and compound substances
  • chincup part of helmet chin strap
  • clothing garments to clothe the body
  • colour chromatics
  • Combi jacket short jacket to wear over salopettes
  • comfort physical well-being
  • conformity meeting regulatory standards
  • construction the manner of putting together
  • crotch top of the leg
  • customer service giving assistance in fulfilling a customer’s requirements


  • development making a new product
  • donning putting on (garment)
  • doffing taking off (garment)


  • EEBA emergency escape breathing devices
  • emergency services Police Fire & Ambulance services
  • European relevant to all 27 member States of the European Union
  • extrication removing from confined spaces


  • fabrics woven and knitted textiles
  • fall arrest method of preventing falls from height
  • fibre class of continuous filament
  • filter preventing particles from entering lungs
  • finger one of four digits on hand
  • fire combustion of oxygen and materials
  • fire fighting intervention to extinguish fire
  • fire investigation finding the cause of a fire
  • fire protection products/methods that protect against being burnt
  • fire prevention products/methods that stop fire from developing
  • fire retardant slows/stops the process of burning
  • FR abbreviation of fire retardant
  • fire fighting standards minimum requirements for fire fighter's equipment
  • flash hoods head covering to protect from burning
  • fluorescent colour
  • footwear boots and shoes


  • gas detection finding & measuring the source of leaking gas vapours
  • gas monitor measures gas vapours in the atmosphere
  • gloves protective hand covering
  • goat domesticated animal
  • green colour
  • grey colour
  • guarantee product warranty
  • gusset flap to enlarge or strengthen


  • helmets protective head covering
  • high-volume pumping large capacity water pumps
  • HVP abbreviation of high-volume pumping
  • hi-visibility retro-reflective photoluminescent strips
  • high wicking movement of moisture through fabric


  • ISO International Standards Organisation
  • innovation bring in new ideas
  • intervention preventing emergencies


  • Kevlar® high tensile reinforcing yarn
  • knitted stitches of thread or yarn


  • lightweight lightweight
  • line rescue line rescue
  • lining fabrics lining fabrics
  • links links
  • longevity longevity


  • manikin artificial human model
  • MarED Marine Equipment Directive
  • materials technology science of types of fabrics
  • materials matter of more than 1 substance
  • membrane thin flexible solid sheet of polymers
  • mesh network fabric/structure
  • moisture barrier membrane to prevent water penetration
  • moisture transport method of moving water vapour through fabric
  • mortal danger threat to life
  • multifunctionality having many uses


  • navy blue colour
  • orange colour


  • palm inner surface of hand
  • panoramic wide view
  • paramedic emergency services medical personnel
  • patented having a proprietary claim
  • personal protective equipment products to save people from injury to life
  • PPE abbreviation of personal protective equipment
  • petro-chemicals products derived from oil
  • gas or coal
  • photoluminescent colour
  • production manufacturing processes


  • quality general excellence
  • quality assurance a promise that products are made to a standard
  • QA abbreviation of quality assurance


  • red colour
  • refinery facility for turning oil into petrol
  • risk assessment identification of what is dangerous
  • rope access able to be reached by using ropes
  • rope rescue using a rope to retrieve people from danger
  • RTC road traffic collision


  • safety reducing risks to life
  • salopettes trousers with extension to mid-chest level
  • SCBA self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Scotchlite™ reflective tape system
  • smoke hood head covering to protect against burning vapours
  • sole under part of shoe
  • specification describing use and types of materials
  • specifiers official organisations describing products required
  • specialist clothing garments to protect against specific dangers
  • splashguard anti-wicking strip
  • standards regulations for product quality
  • station wear uniform clothing to be worn for general duties
  • structural fire fighting extinguishing fire in buildings
  • substrate a layer of fabric under another


  • technical relating to practical or mechanical process
  • thermal protection preventing heat penetration
  • thermal value measurement of heat
  • thumb digit on hand opposed to fingers
  • tongue protective flap under shoe laces
  • turnout fire hood head covering to protect from burning


  • uniforms corporate clothing of a special style
  • urban search and rescue carrying out search & rescue in towns & cities
  • USAR abbreviation of urban search and rescue


  • Velcro® hook & loop fastening system
  • Viscose wood cellulose acetate used to make textiles (Rayon)


  • waterproof impervious to water
  • weave style of warp and weft of yarns
  • welding fusing together of materials
  • white colour
  • wicking transporting moisture through fabrics
  • wildland fire heath/scrub/forest fires
  • work wear clothing for use at work
  • woven manufactured with warp & weft of yarns interlaced