Ally firefighting helmet, gloves and boots


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The Ally bundle provide your team with integral protection for structural firefighting.


KZPT Calisia Vulcan Helmet

The Calisia Vulcan really can’t be faulted. Its design is smart and functional, the protection it provides meets and exceeds all requirements, its comfortable and it has a range of addons available. It has been designed with firefighting in mind so gloves don’t hinder use and it is compatible with breathing masks. Also, it’s MED approved, bonus!


KZPT FHR001S Gloves

These are leather gloves with high levels of functionality and comfort. Resistant to abrasion, cut, tear and penetration. This version has a 100% Kevlar knitted wristband.


Tuffking 9684 Boots

These vulcanised rubber boots are waterproof, flame retardant and heat resistant. Steel toe caps and heel absorption come as standard. 9684’s easy-pull straps will have your team ready for action in no time.

Conforms To:

  • Standard for firefighting helmets. Firefighter helmet for use in ...

  • Protective gloves against thermal risks. This Standard gives the ...

  • Gloves for protection against mechanical risks. This specifies the ...

  • EN 420 is used in reference to other standards. It ...

  • Minimum performance requirements for protective gloves for firefighters. Applies ...

  • Footwear for electrical protection. Insulating footwear.

  • Safety footwear. specifies basic and additional requirements for safety ...

  • Protective footwear for firefighters.



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