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Flash Hood/Turnout Hood/Balaclava – Technical Details

This category 3 PPE complies with the standard 13911: 2004 and meets the essential requirements of European Directive 89/686.

These protective hoods are mainly composed of heat-type aramid fibres with the addition of FR viscose to improve comfort and transfer sweat to the outside. They protect in case of accidental contact with flame. Designed to combine with the F1 or F2 helmet and all appropriate PPE which assures protection against heat and flames to the rest of the body.

Hoods are tested according to Annex B of EN 13911:2004 with the following equipment:

• Fire fighters jacket according to HuPF part 1 and EN 469, sample fire fighter PARIS
• Fire fighters trousers according to HuPF part 4 and EN 469, sample fire fighter PARIS
• Helmet according EN 443 , sample HPS 6100, Dräger and sample MSA GALLET F1 and F2
• Protective gloves according to EN 659
• Mask according to EN 136, sample Elite Ultra, Auer and sample FENZI
• Breathing apparatus according to EN 136

The user should check for themselves the compatibility of the hood with their own equipment.

Be sure to inspect your protective hood before and after each operation or training exercise.

Any hood damage (burns, holes, open seams, loss of elasticity, tear) will effectively negate the protection under this standard.




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