Rebecca Holik fire fighting rescue gloves


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These rescue gloves are made with goatskin leather and are reinforced on the palm and around the little and index fingers.

They have shock absorbing capabilities. They’ve had hydrophobic treatment, perfect for the rescue missions they were designed for.


Rescue Gloves Features:

Upper material:

● Goatskin with hydrophobic treatment


● Goatskin leather reinforcement with shock-absorbing filling – knuckle protection of the back of the hand

● Goatskin leather reinforcement is underlaid with a Para-Aramid/UHMW-PE knitting in the palm

● Reinforcement overlaps the side seams on the side of the little finger and the index finger – longer lifespan of the glove, high protection

Additional information:

● High cut and abrasion resistance, resistance to heat risks

● High strength

● Sensitivity, flexibility

● Snug fit and comfortable glove cut

● Tightening strap with velcro fastening in the palm area

● Wrist part of the back of the glove is tightened with elastic

● Loop on the wristband to hang the glove on a snap hook

Conforms To:

  • Gloves for protection against mechanical risks. This specifies the ...