Emergency Services Show – 7th & 8th September

FlamePro’s life-saving garments are essential kit for firefighters around the world. We understand what it means to be responsible for the lives of your firefighters, and the people they protect. We’re on your side. Committed to spearheading new technologies, FlamePro is guaranteed to go the extra mile for you.

Since ESS 2018, FlamePro have been working on a new website with the aim of creating the go-to site for information and education about firefighting garments. Helping buyers and wearers understand the often complex and technical information associated with protective garments for firefighters, simply and at a glance.

FlamePro has developed never-before-seen garment tech, improved on existing designs and made a name for themselves as go-getters and innovators. With their new brand identity and website launching at ESS 2019 their strong position in the UK market is clear.

Visiting FlamePro’s stand at this year’s ESS, attendees will be impressed by the change to the visuals. You’ll get the chance to browse through the new website with a team-member and learn about FlamePro’s full product range. Most excitingly, and we don’t want to ruin the surprise, FlamePro will be displaying and demonstrating a new garment feature which is unique to FlamePro.

“This year’s ESS is going to be a real game changer for us. This past year we’ve been working extremely hard on developing every aspect of our business. I’m very excited for everyone to see what we’ve been working on” – Jason Broder – Marketing Executive

“ESS is always a great place to meet with, and learn from, the industry and community, I’m very excited to be attending again this year. Here at FlamePro we have some new products to display as well as very enthusing developments for the future. ESS is a great way to test and research what we’re working on.” – Nathan Bricknell – General Manager