With FlamePro the facts are clear

We produce garments that provide a greater level of protection and are proven to aid performance and reduce fatigue.

In a recent scientific trial (conducted by the University of Leeds, School of Textiles) our suits let firefighters work go further and reduced their heart-rate by in comparison to a comparable market leading suit.

How is that achieved? Through creating innovative garments made with innovative fabrics.

We’ve taken a step back, assessed the current market and explored alternative fabrics, membranes, components and designs to create a structural firefighter suit that is as much as 25% lighter.

Uncompromising performance

  • Our PBO shell performs significantly better in LOI tests (Limited Oxygen Index) than equivalent PBI fabrics, and is tough enough to withstand the rough treatment that firefighting entails.
  • Our membrane layer has all the barrier qualities you would expect, it even has more than some well-known brand name alternatives
  • We try to supply solutions for potential problems, for example: we can provide quick release zippers which can allow the suit to vent heat build up, fast.

A great value choice

We’re confident that our garments are great value too. Value isn’t just about price, it’s also about durability and quality.

We’re obsessive about quality which is why we control manufacture in a European factory. We want to be able to control and monitor both fabric production and garment manufacture.

All FlamePro garments feature double stitched seams and have been through our own quality assured manufacturing processes. Our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation is evidence of our commitment to quality assurance.

A comprehensive range or we'll design what you need*

FlamePro don’t simply innovate in our top-of-the-range garments, we’re pushing boundaries everywhere we can. Through our Search and Rescue coveralls, our marine MARED lines and where we can in our uniforms too.

We also carry a terrific range of accessories and related products that means that FlamePro can provide a one-stop-shop and supply your team with the right products.

And if you need something special or different for your team, if you want to specify features and designs that suit them and their operational roles, then our sector specialists can work with you to create a bespoke garment.

*Bespoke designs and kits are dependent on quantity and other factors, for a bespoke quote please speak to one of our team.


Advice from our UK firefighting experts

Please get in touch for expert advice on firefighting PPE. We’ll talk through the options, whether you require one of our standard ranges or a more bespoke solution. We will respond quickly and positively to your enquiry, and would love to speak with you.

Featured Firefighting Products

Our specialist firefighting clothing and accessories are designed in the UK and available worldwide. We’re committed to innovation, quality and customer service in providing firefighting personal protective equipment (PPE), fire retardant workwear and station wear.
  • 805 Trouser – PBO (800/805 Combo)

    £409.20 + VAT
  • 800 Jacket – PBO (800/805 Combo)

    £557.68 + VAT
  • 602 Wildland Jacket – Kermel Aramid

    £165.41 + VAT
  • ProGARM FR/ARC Baselayer Bottom

    £36.33 + VAT