Raider fire fighters helmet, gloves and boots


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The Raider takes the fight to the fire.

This combination is great for wildland firefighting, rescue operations or even HVP. Get out there, ready for action, with The Raider.


KZPT Tytan Helmet

Safety, comfort and multifunctional. The KZPT Tytan is designed for both wildland firefighting and technical recue. It has an impressive array for accessories available, making it perfect for multiple operations. The attention to detail given to the tytan is apparent in its design and its long periods of comfort.


Holik Lesley Gloves

These rescue gloves are strong yet comfortable, flexible and breathable. They have built in cut resistance, elastic wristbands and anti-slip PVC fingertips. These gloves will have your team primed for rescue missions.


KZPT FHR 004 Boots

These rubber boots offer a plethora of advantages. Electrical insulation, fuel oil resistance and slip resistance to name a few. These are a quality boot which will have your team ready for action in no time. These also have chain saw cut resistance.


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