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More is possible, so that’s what we’re bringing you.

Your team deserves the best. That is why customers in the Fire Services and Defence Procurement choose FlamePro. We design every item we sell to provide you with the highest quality products. Order stock items and get them delivered next day. Order specialist items and we beat the rest on speed thanks to our European manufacturing.


FlamePro: On your side

We use new technologies to make life-saving equipment for firefighters and military personnel everywhere. We’ll go the extra mile for your crew.

We’re passionate about safety clothing. Everything we design exceeds industry standards. Our design team works with fabric makers and standards bodies alongside Chief Fire Officers and firefighters so our clothes work.

For the highest standards in firefighting and defence kit, we’ve got you covered. From boots and base layers to gloves and helmets and from wildland fire to specialist marine kit, we’ve got what you need.

FlamePro Fire and Defence Brochures

Access the latest FlamePro Fire and Defence brochures to view a range of our services, what we do and how we do it.

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31 October 2019

Purchasing the firefighter PPE for your team is a huge responsibility.   You’re choosing the garments which protect them in life or death situations,