About FlamePro

We use new technologies to create life-saving equipment for firefighters and military personnel everywhere. We go the extra mile for your crew.

Going further for your crews

Our mission is to make firefighting and frontline jobs safer and easier, around the world. We know there’s more to a suit than how much it can protect from heat.

Responding to your team’s needs, we keep them safer, cooler, and more comfortable, with fully tested and certified kit to meet international standards. We push further because we know your teams do too. We understand what it means to be responsible for the lives of your firefighters and defence colleagues and the people they protect.  We’re committed to developing and working on new technologies in our kit, so it works for every body it protects.

Innovation in every stitch

For our PPE we focus on the person wearing the kit. Innovation is designed into every inch of our garments – whether that’s cleverly-placed pockets, knee protection, or specially-designed seven-panel sleeves that stay put when stretching or climbing.


We relentlessly evolve our clothing, combining our expertise in garment design, technical fabrics, and our in-house European manufacturing to serve the global fire and defence markets.

Your safety can’t wait

Within Defence, recognising your unique needs and ensuring the swift delivery of solutions and materials is paramount to equipping our armed forces with the advantage needed to safeguard our nation. As your logistical enabler, FlamePro specialise in sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering a diverse array of non-lethal commodities.

In-house manufacturing for quality and rapid delivery

Our in-house manufacturing for PPE garments ensures quality and rapid delivery. Waiting months for PPE orders is unacceptable given the urgent nature of the job.  With our in-house operations in Europe, including design and production, we ensure rapid delivery of manufactured kit within 8-12 weeks. By avoiding outsourcing and prioritising customer needs, we offer high-quality gear, reduced environmental impact, and expert support for customers worldwide.

Sourcing hard-working materials

Sourcing the best in innovative and technically advanced materials and products means FlamePro kit continues to work hard, just like your teams wearing it. We go further than other procurement partners to source the best equipment for all our clients, whether that’s top-performing firefighting boots or military clothing.


When it comes to defence and firefighting procurement, you need a supply partner that can deliver reliable, resilient products to meet quick, high-volume turnarounds. We have worked hard to establish strategic partners in manufacturing, material suppliers and delivery to make sure we can meet your PPE kit needs, every time.

Our values are at the core of our identity

Responsibility is woven into our culture, fostering ownership among all team members, ensuring accountability at every juncture. Honesty steers our choices, guiding us to always do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. Passion ignites our work ethic, cultivating enthusiasm and propelling us to excel and innovate. Our attitude embodies humility, an appetite for growth, and intelligent decision-making, enabling us to confront challenges with poise and determination.


With initiative as our driving force, we proactively make things happen, seizing opportunities for advancement and development at every opportunity. These values not only define our company but also inform how we serve and empower the fire and defence markets globally.

Reducing our environmental footprint is a top priority for us

We’re committed to sustainable practices, ensuring our products have a positive impact on people and the planet. By making tough decisions and focusing on impactful improvements, we’re driving positive change in our industry. Over the past two years, we’ve prioritised smart enhancements to minimise our carbon footprint and have solid plans for further progress. Despite the complexities of in-house manufacturing, we’re leading the way in creating longer-lasting products and moving towards circularity.

Our Team


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Reece Buchner 


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Joktan Jackson


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Chris Cooper

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