Safety without compromise

Give your team peace of mind with high quality kit they can wear all shift. At FlamePro we invest in technology to combine high safety with great comfort.

The best protection

Good enough simply is not good enough. When you are buying firefighter protective clothing, their lives are in your hands. With FlamePro on your side, you can be sure you are doing the best by every member of your team. We invest in the latest technologies, with an attention to detail unmatched in firefighter PPE.

Built for safety

You will see innovation throughout our firefighter kit – whether that is intelligently-placed pockets, knee protection for crawling, or specially-designed seven-panel sleeves that do not ride up when stretching or climbing.


We are relentless, intelligently combining our extensive expertise in garment design, technical fabrics, and our in-house European manufacturing to serve the global firefighter PPE market.


Every item we sell is rated for heat resistance, flame resistance, breathability, weight and strength.

Tested by firefighters

The firefighter PPE you buy for your team needs to work. It needs more than high tech, heat and flame-resistant fabrics. It needs to fit. It needs to be comfortable. It needs to be easy to wear. So we get firefighters to test it.

We know everyone is different, that is why we manufacture 96 different sizes across all body types. We think carefully about the details – like where pockets should go and whether there is enough knee protection. We do not make firefighter protective clothing for just anyone. We make it for you.


FlamePro: on your side

Our mission is to make firefighters’ and frontline jobs safer and easier, around the world. We know there is more to a suit than how much it can protect from heat.

Responding to your team’s needs, we keep them safer, cooler, and more comfortable with fully tested and certified kit to meet international standards. We push further because we know your crews do too.

FlamePro Fire Brochure

Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our suits, accessories and services that make FlamePro the number one choice for Britain’s firefighters.



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FlamePro are experts in designing and manufacturing the highest quality firefighter protective clothing. Talk to us for more information.


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19 June 2023

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