Marine firefighting kit

High quality safety kit for fighting fires at sea.

Fire safety at sea

Fighting fires at sea is no joke. The environment, the weather, access restrictions and cramped spaces work against firefighters making it unlike any other firefighting role. That means you need specialist kit, and that is what we make. Our full range of Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approved firefighting PPE keep your team safe in the most challenging of situations.

FlamePro Fire Brochure

Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our MED Approved suits, accessories and services.

Fit for everything

From ships to oil rigs, firefighting at sea is a job like no other. Your team needs to be ready for anything. The call could involve an isolated fire, or a major explosion. It could be a chemical leak or an electrical fire.


With space at a premium on marine sites, you need your team to have kit that works. We combine the latest technology with comfortable design. We invest in the highest standards of safety, so you know your team is protected, whatever the call. And we manufacture in 96 sizes, so our kit fits every body.

Visibility equals safety

It can be tough to be seen at sea. On ships, rigs or even renewable energy sites, when the sun goes down, your team is relying entirely on electrical lights for visibility. And in the middle of an emergency, they cannot afford to waste time trying to spot one another.


Our MED approved kit includes all the features you want for fire safety and comfort in bright colours and with reflective strips so your team can see each other.

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FlamePro designs and manufactures a full range of marine firefighting kit so your team can be safe when handling emergencies at sea. Talk to us to discuss your requirements.

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19 June 2023

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