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FlamePro is committed to providing kit that you’ll be happy with for years to come. We want to work with you help you protect your teams to the fullest.

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Yes, we understand the importance of clean clothing to give optimum performance. Dirty fire suits can insulate less, conducting more heat and even electricity. They will also not shed liquids as effectively.

Many contaminants are carcinogens and toxic skin chemicals which can endanger the life of the firefighter. Suits need to be washed and de-contaminated in line with prescribed protocols.

We are on multiple frameworks (SPPE, ESPO, YPO and more) which reduces the admin time for a brigade when creating a tender or mini competition or direct award. Speak to our team for more information.

Our flash hoods offer full and advanced critical cover protection, giving firefighters increased protection from cancer-causing particulates from the very first time it is worn.

This new standard aims to give guidance for cleaning, maintenance and repair of firefighters’ PPE. It covers a lot: inspection, testing, cleaning, decontamination, drying, repairs, replacement, and retirement/disposal when the PPE reaches 10 years since manufacture. It even covers recording, storage and transportation.

FlamePro offers the FlamePro Recycle service. This allows a simple solution for brigades looking to avoid sending their end-of-life garments to landfill. Learn more here

We source accessories from providers like Rosenbauer, MSA, Jolly, Holik and KZPT. Allowing us to kit your firefighters in the best PPE for the job, from head to toe.

Owning our own factory means that our standard lead time is 8-12 weeks. In stock items can be delivered much sooner whereas customisations and alterations may take longer.

Most of our garments are available in 96 sizes, with multiple fits, lengths and sizes our garments are made to measure to ensure your firefighters are comfortably protected.