Wildland firefighting kit

Respond to wildland fires in safety with FlamePro’s wildland firefighting kit.

Built for stamina

Moorland fires and forest fires are not new, but they are certainly more common. These fires can go on for days, challenging the even the fittest firefighters. The scope and spread of the fire, as well as the fact that they occur at the height of summer bring their own technical challenges. Our wildland firefighting suits are designed to offer the highest level of protection with the lowest possible bulk. They’re designed for a marathon, not a sprint.

Try before you buy

We design all our firefighting kit with firefighters. And we make it in 96 sizes, so we are confident it works. But does it work for you? You do not have to figure it out from the website. Our wearer trial gives you the chance to try our kit out on your team. They can, see how it feels and do everything they do on site. If it works for you. It works. If it is not quite right, let us design you something that is.

Fire like no other

A wildland fire is nothing like a building fire. The conditions are harsh. It is exhausting. It is hot. And it can change in a heartbeat. Our wildland fire clothing is designed to meet the challenge your people face. Lightweight and breathable, but with military grade FR plastic hardware that passes heat resistance of 260°C, it is a suit that does not compromise. Like everything we make, this wildland fire uniform exceeds EN (European Norm) standards.

National Specialist PPE (NSPPE) Wildland PPE Framework

The National Specialist PPE (NSPPE) Wildland PPE Framework selected our Defender as the preferred wildland PPE ensemble for UK firefighters. The SPPE Defender is stock supported and available to all Fire Services with next day delivery.

FlamePro Fire Brochure

Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our suits, accessories and services to keep firefighters safe and comfortable when tackling wildfires.

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Looking for the right wildland firefighting kit?

Fighting wildland fires needs specialist wildland firefighting kit. Talk to FlamePro today to find the right kit for your team.

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