171 Full Cover Particulate Protection Hood


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The only none PTFE full cover particulate hood to give above 99%protection against cancer causing particulates from the first wear.

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Cancer is the most dangerous threat to firefighters’ health and safety today. Our 171 is the most advanced protection particulate hood on the market, giving firefighters ultimate protection from cancer-causing particulates from the very first time it is worn. Unlike any other hood using the same fabric, FlamePro’s pioneering design is engineered with unique differences to give firefighters maximum protection and comfort.

• Fabric assembly made with Nomex® Nano Flex
o ffers optimal protection against most common particles, viruses and bacteria, by blocking more than 99%.
• Full particulate protection, all panels include Nomex® Nano Flex Technology.
• NFPA 1971:2018 tested after 5, 25, 100 and 250 washing cycles – particulate protection fabric assembly, maintaining >99% protection.
• Improved acoustic when compared with membrane-type hoods.
• Strategic panelling that’s ergonomically shaped for wearer comfort and ease of movement.
• Lightweight 460gms fabric assembly, Nomex® outer knit, Nomex® Nano Flex barrier, Aramid and Viscose FR inner knit.
• Strong flatlock seams to ensure wearer comfort, using meta-aramid threads.
• High absorption rate to remove sweat quickly, high evaporation rate to drive water out, very low RET value < 8m˝ Pa/W.
• Assembly optimised air permeability of more than 80L/m˝/s – according to ISO 9237 test method.
• Fabric Elongation exceeding 75% and recovery exceeding 90% (under strength of 20N).
• Assembly tested to Oeko-Tex and NFPA 1971.

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