KZPT Calisia Vulcan fire fighter helmet


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The Calisia Vulcan really can’t be faulted, it’s a great firefighter helmet.

Its design is smart and functional, the protection it provides meets and exceeds all requirements, it’s comfortable and it has a range of addons available. It has been designed with firefighting in mind so gloves don’t hinder use and it is compatible with breathing masks. Also, it’s MED approved, bonus!

Firefighter Helmet Features

Safety in extreme conditions:

● Resistance of the shell to impact, puncture, and lateral compression
● Full protection in low (-30 °C) and high temperatures, resistance to flame and heat streams (tested at the temperature of 1000 °C)
● Resistance to melted iron
● The eye and face shields (glasses and visor) meet the requirements set out in the EN 14458:2004, EN 171:2002, and EN 166:2001 standards, are resistant to high temperatures, flames, chemicals, and ensure protection against infrared radiation.
● Reflective elements ensure good visibility of the firefighter.

Maximum Comfort:

● The visor can be lowered over a breathing mask, is suitable for persons wearing corrective glasses, and can be quickly and easily replaced.
● The quick and optimized fit and the stable position of the helmet on the user’s head are achieved due to:
– the wide range of circumference adjustment (51-65 cm);
– the large knob that can be turned even in gloves;
– the possibility to adjust the head circumference without the need to take the helmet off, which is important when the user puts on a breathing mask;
– convenient adjustment of the position angle and the wearing height.
● The neck protectors are resistant to thermal radiation and flames and are made of fire-resis-tant materials; four models are available:
– a neck protector made of non-combustible fabric (a short version and a long version that protects the nape and the larynx)
– a neck protector made of leather
– a neck protector made of metalized fabric
● Finishing elements which improve comfort: a set of Nomex® cushions and liners, soft and comfortable interior inside the helmet that prevents abrasions and which is made of textile or natural leather, and a comfortable silicone chin pad.
● A broad range of accessories which are suitable for use with breathing masks and torches, and which allow wireless communication systems.
● Suitable for use with torches due to a universal set of torch mounts.
● Full range of adjusting the position angle of the torch even with the breathing mask on (up-per mount), and full range of installing torches on both sides of the shell and in the lower and upper part of the shell.
● High degree of customisation with rank and unit insignia.
● Shell available in any colour, including photoluminescent and chrome-coated

Conforms To:

  • Standard for firefighting helmets. Firefighter helmet for use in ...

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