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Safety, comfort and multi functionality. The KZPT Tytan is designed for both wildland firefighting and technical rescue.

It has an impressive array for accessories available, making it perfect for multiple operations. The attention to detail given to the Tytan is apparent in its design and its long periods of comfort.


● Full protection in low and high temperatures (-20’C — 50’C) in terms of absorbing the impact, protection against high speed particles with speed up to 120 m/s, resistance to operation of lateral compression forces, resistance to liquid chemicals, hot solid substances, against short-term contact with electrical wiring with AC voltage up to 440 V, and the remaining features according with the mentioned standards.
● All external elements of the helmet are fire-retardant, including chinstraps.
● Reflective elements ensuring the visibility of a firefighter.


● The optimal adjustment of the helmet and its fitting on a rescuer’s head – wide range of head adjustment within 47-68 cm, a big rotary knob allowing its operation in firefighting gloves, adjustment of the wearing height, 3-point chinstrap.
● As standard, the helmet is equipped with a multi-functional and multipurpose holder, panel ventilation system and reflective elements.
● A wide range of optional accessories: protection of face and eyes – safety goggles or a long visor, which can be used with breathing mask or spectacles on, neck protection made of flame retardant material, hearing protectors, mesh or polycarbonate face-shield, holder for a headlamp, silicone chin, comfort liner made of N0MEx® cradle net, protective cradle net for ventilation openings.
● A wide array of accessories – designed to work with breathing masks and torches.
● The helmet’s shell is available in any colour.

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