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Structural fire-fighting suits with better life-saving protection, feel lighter to wear and easier to move in

FlamePro’s new generation of Valiant structural suits has changed the game. Stop choosing between thermal protection and how heavy a suit feels to wear. Our unique combination of advanced moisture barrier and clever lining mean you can have both. We use 3D fabric technology to transfer moisture away from the skin faster, keeping your crews cooler for longer.

And we haven’t stopped there. With a laser-sharp focus on wearability and practicality, we’ve created the most comprehensive range out there, with 96 different options on fit and size plus your choice of five different outer fabrics. (See the tab below for more info on your fabric system choices).

It’s the little things

You could call them small but mighty. What makes the Valiant suits the best on the market are the small details which make a huge impact, created thanks of the team’s experience combined with years of listening to what firefighters need.

Like how the suit feels. Compared with like-for-like suits, wearer trials tell us that the new Valiant suit feels lighter and easier to wear.

Like the amazing 7-panel sleeves designed so the jacket doesn’t ride up when stretching or climbing, or the 3D spacers, which provide reinforcement and strength around the shoulders and lower back, reducing the compression from wearing breathing apparatus and reducing the chance of injury due to steam burns created by sweat not wicked away in ferocious firefighting conditions.

We’ve also included as standard fully-certified glow in the dark strips, with different placements on the front and the back of the jacket. This clever idea means if a fire fighter is unconscious and needs rescuing in the dark, you’ll not only be able to see them, but you’ll be able to see what position they are in too. These strips have been tested through 50 wash cycles. (The full garment specifications are on the tabs below).

What’s also small is our lead time – just 6-8 weeks for most versions of the suit, depending on your choices. (There can be longer lead times on some outer fabrics from the manufacturer unfortunately).

New firefighter-focused features

We set out to design the ultimate in fire-fighting protection, without making compromises on comfort. So we’ve created:

• A suit for everyone – carefully-designed male and female fits, ranging from XS to 4XL and from extra small to XX-tall, creating 96 off-the-peg size options
• A better range of movement – our ergonomics specialist has helped design a suit which maximises ease of movement and wearer comfort
• Additional protection – Kevlar™ on knees and elbows is puncture-proof, while padding provides additional protection when crawling
• Better comfort when you wear breathing apparatus – our 3D spacers on shoulders and in the braces reduce compression and increase airflow to keep you more comfortable
• Ease when you climb ladders – a shorter front jacket zip is complemented by VELCRO® Brand fasteners to give you the range of movement you need
• Chunky grab tabs – designed for use with gloves so your kit is easy to adjust and pockets easy to access without exposing your hands
• Comfortable cuffs – featuring thumb loops to stop sleeves riding up and knitted cuffs attached to an anti-wicking cuff carrier to stop water getting in
• Inspection access for peace of mind – internal zips give easy access for inspection of the garment layers so you can be sure whether your kit needs laundering or repair
• An easier way to be seen in low light or the dark – glow in the dark strips, arranged differently on the front and back, create visibility and provide valuable information in rescue situations
• Robust, detachable braces – 3D spacers and chunky ladder lock buckles allow easy adjustment
• A comfortable jacket you’ll want to do all the way up – the mandarin collar has a shaped throat tab for ultimate throat protection

Standards and certifications

All jackets and trousers in the Valiant range are certified to BS EN ISO 13688:2013 – General PPE requirements and BS EN 469:2020 – Protective clothing for firefighters – Level 2 Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z2.

Conforms To:

Additional information

Fabric System

Kermal A90, Tough Plus, AV9400, Core FX, PBI MAX 205


Male, Female


Gold, Navy, Orange

Trouser Size


Trouser Length

Extra Short, Short, Regular, Tall, Extra Tall, Extra Extra Tall


Valiant structural firefighting trousers – combine comfort with protection without compromises

Elegant ergonomic design makes these Valiant trousers an easy choice for the modern firefighter.
Packed with thoughtful features, created after meticulous research (and the 80 years of combined industry experience from the team behind the range), these trousers feel light and comfortable to wear, without any compromise on protection from the dangers of radiant heat.

Fabric system

The new Valiant range features a choice of fabric systems which:

• Offer brilliant breathability and exceptional ability to transport moisture away from the skin
• Keeps firefighters cooler for longer while delivering much-needed radiant heat protection
• Is comfortable, not bulky and quick-drying

Available in a choice of five outer fabrics to suit all budgets and give options around tensile strength, radiant heat transfer and breathability. (For more information on garment system options, see the tab below.)

Available with FlamePro’s innovative 3D moisture barrier and thermal lining, the interior fabric system delivers the very best combination of radiant heat protection and moisture management to keep firefighters cool when the heat is on.

Follow these links to find out more about the outer fabrics, the moisture barrier and the thermal lining.

Detailed design for flawless functionality

FlamePro’s new Valiant structural firefighting suit range is engineered to allow firefighters to stretch, bend, and move and still be protected, because of our obsession with every aspect of design, ergonomics and fit.

The right size pockets just where you need them, easily-accessible loops and clips, plus clever waist adjusters mean the Valiant trousers do just what you need them to.

Padded and shaped Kevlar™-lined knee pads provide protection when crawling, and 3D spacer pads in the back offer additional lumbar protection and comfort when wearing breathing apparatus.

Available in a range of sizes, with bespoke male and female cuts, the Valiant trousers are the ultimate choice for the needs of the modern firefighter.

Standards and certifications

All jackets and trousers in the Valiant range are certified to BS EN ISO 13688:2013 – General PPE requirements and BS EN 469:2005* – Protective clothing for firefighters – Level 2 Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z2.

* Upgraded certification for our structural suits to BS EN 469:2020 is in progress.

Outer layers

Combine your choice of outer fabric with our new Valiant innovations to set a new benchmark

With five outer fabrics to choose from, the game-changing FlamePro Valiant firefighter suit offers something to suit all budgets and requirements.

Three of these system options also feature our brand-new innovative moisture barrier and thermal lining, which combine to create a suit which feels cool and light to wear but delivers incredible radiant heat protection. It’s the first time in more than a decade that a structural fire suit has used a different fabric system, and we’ve more than rocked the boat with these developments.

Here’s a run-down of each of the outer fabric options to help you choose what’s right for your structural firefighting suit.

Kermel A90

Available in gold, navy and orange, this budget-conscious choice offers a mid-level tensile and tear strength. As our budget system, it still features our new moisture barrier and an excellent thermal lining to provides very high radiant heat transfer performance and good breathability.

This combination makes small compromises on breathability – which is still good – while offering very high thermal protection. It is an excellent choice for brigades wanting good breathability combined with high radiant heat protection at a budget-friendly price.

Delivery lead time for suits using Kermel A90 outer: 6-8 weeks.

Tough Plus

You can order this fabric in gold or navy to secure mid-level tensile and tear strength. When combined with our New 3D moisture barrier and thermal lining, you’ll get high radiant heat transfer performance and very high breathability.

This system, incorporating the Tough Plus lightweight outer fabric, tips towards keeping firefighters cooler due to its breathability performance, while still providing a high level of thermal protection.

Delivery lead time for suits using Tough Plus A90 outer: 6-8 weeks.


Available in gold and navy, and providing high tensile and tear strength, high heat transfer protection and very good breathability, the fabric system featuring this AV9400 outer fabric is suited to brigades which want the best of all worlds.

This is a slightly heavier suit in order to achieve the high levels of radiant heat protection and fabric strength, and comes as a complete system meaning it doesn’t feature our new moisture barrier or thermal liner This is still a good fabric system combination though just slightly heavier.

Delivery lead time for suits using AV9400 are dependent on fabric lead times from the manufacturer – we are happy to give you an indication at the time of enquiry.

Core FX

Only available in gold but with a lead time of just 6-8 weeks, the CoreFX outer fabric delivers very high tensile strength and high tear strength. When used in combination with our new 3D moisture barrier and thermal lining, it delivers high radiant heat performance and very good breathability. CoreFX does not break open when subjected to a double flashover.

Choosing Core FX gives you more strength and durability than the AV9400 option, but with slightly lower thermal performance and similar breathability when in this system.

Delivery lead time for suits using Core FX outer: 6-8 weeks.


PBI MAX 205 is marketed as the strongest outer shell fabric in the world. It delivers very high tear and tensile strength, and does not break open when subjected to a double flashover.

When combined in a system with our new 3D moisture barrier and thermal lining it creates a brilliant combination of breathability and radiant heat protection in a fabric system which can still stand up to the rigours of the job.

Only available in gold, this fabric rates very high on radiant heat transfer performance and very good for breathability.

Delivery lead time for suits using PB MAX 205 are dependent on fabric lead times from the manufacturer – we are happy to give you an indication at the time of enquiry.

Moisture barrier

The new FlamePro moisture barrier

A crucial component in the keeping firefighters cool, the moisture barrier in a structural firefighting suit has to work hard.

With little or no innovation in moisture barriers in firefighter protective suits for well over a decade, the FlamePro team decided to challenge the market by going in search of something new and with vastly improved performance.

Our fabric specialist, multi-award-winning Stanley Russell knew just where to look.

FlamePro’s exclusive new moisture barrier is made by combining two layers: a 3D non-woven fabric produced by Norafin, one of the biggest specialist non-woven fabric manufacturers in the world; and a modified version of the renowned Event membrane – used by the US military and known as the most breathable ePTFE membrane in the world.

The resulting moisture barrier, with its 3D construction, is years ahead of previous technical fabrics in terms of performance.

This exclusive combination gave us a moisture barrier that:

• Is the same weight as Fire Blocker
• Offers increased breathability, moisture management and high-temperature wash durability
• Delivers better thermal performance against radiant heat than like-for-like suits

The critical element of air

To keep fire crews as cool as possible when they are battling raging heat you need air.
Space between the firefighter’s skin and the layers of the fabric system creates airflow which helps keep the body cool. And it also, critically, allows the body’s in-built cooling mechanism – sweating – to do its job.

The right amount of air allows sweat to evaporate off the skin, reducing the chances of steam burns and of fire crews suffering from heat stress.

The 3D construction of our new moisture barrier enables more air to circulate, which is what helps keep firefighters cooler for longer.

The Valiant fabric system

We’ve combined this innovative moisture barrier with a new thermal lining to create the most advanced fabric system on the market. The moisture barrier is available in four of the five fabric system options. The fifth option uses a different, but still advanced, moisture barrier and thermal lining to deliver higher thermal protection with a compromise on breathability, for brigades that value that combination.

Add in 96 different size options, ranging from short to very tall, XS to XXL in both male and female cuts, and fire brigades now have incredible choice in a suit which performs brilliantly.

Valiant – New technologies. New designs. New benchmark.

We’re shaking up the market with our new Valiant structural firefighting suit.

Thermal lining

What you need to know about the latest FlamePro thermal lining

A key part of the fabric system that provides protection to firefighters, the thermal lining is responsible for keeping the heat at bay.

A tricky balancing act between fending off radiant heat and being light enough to keep the suit comfortable, our new thermal lining gets it just right.

Along with every element of the new Valiant structural firefighting suit, the choice of thermal lining was carefully considered by the New Product Development team. With little change in the technical fabrics in structural suits in more than a decade, we wanted to take a giant leap forward with the system we created.

Technical fabrics expert Stanley Russell led the search for a lining that would do justice to our quest to design the very best.

A new approach to the fire suit’s thermal lining layer

The thermal lining’s primary purpose is to increase heat protection and is the component that usually adds the most weight and bulk to a structural firefighting suit.

Most of the current linings are a combination of woven fabric, quilted to spun lace or needle felt, with both fabrics being 100% aramids or aramid blends.

What this creates is a bulky layer with high thermal resistance properties, but it will also provide only moderate breathability, lower comfort levels due to its weight, and could trap moisture, which would increase the chances of a firefighter getting heat stress.

We wanted to create a revolutionary new thermal lining layer that reduces bulk, increases breathability but still provides excellent thermal protection.

The FlamePro New Product Development team worked with one of the world’s leading manufacturers to create our new thermal lining.

It’s made of a 3D woven structure that combines aramid and viscose to create a fabric with market-leading breathability, superior moisture transportation to keep moisture away from the skin, and great thermal performance without being bulky.

We like to think of it as the Goldilocks of thermal linings – not too heavy, not too little heat protection, but just right.

The Valiant fabric system

We’ve combined this innovative thermal lining with a brand new moisture barrier to create the most advanced fabric system on the market in three of the five garment system choices you have for Valiant.

Add in 96 different size and fit options, ranging from short to very tall, XS to XXL in both male and female cuts, and fire brigades now have incredible choice from a suit which performs brilliantly.

Valiant – New technologies. New designs. New benchmark.

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