Airport firefighting kit

Our specially designed airport firefighter suit makes sure your airport crew is covered for whatever challenges they face.

Quality kit for airport firefighters

When your team is called out airside, it is ALWAYS an emergency. They need firefighting PPE that is light enough to move quickly yet robust enough for maximum safety. Our airport firefighter uniform ticks both those boxes and more.

Lightweight for speed

Whether your team is on a rescue mission or fighting a structural fire, on an airport you need speed on your side. Our airport firefighting PPE gives more protection with less weight. More functionality and less movement restrictions. We understand what it means to be responsible for the lives of your firefighters, and the people they protect. We are relentless. Because so is firefighting.

FlamePro Fire Brochure

Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our suits, accessories and services, perfect for those protecting our airports.


Farnborough Airport

The fit of FlamePro PPE is excellent, ensuring unrestricted movement and enabling our firefighters to respond effectively to emergencies and training exercises. I was impressed with how light the kit was and how easy it was to control body temperature.

- Ed Knighton, Station Manager at Farnborough Airport

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Safety without compromise

When it comes to kit, we do not mess around. We combine the latest technology with design that works and that is comfortable to wear. We get experienced firefighters to test the kit to make sure it meets their needs. And we manufacture it in 96 different sizes to make sure there’s a perfect fit for every body. When your crew gets a call, they do not have time to be re-adjusting ill fitting kit. We have thought about every detail, so you do not have to.


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FlamePro designs and manufactures firefighter uniform specifically for airport crews. Talk to us to find out more.

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19 June 2023

Many of us have been alarmed by recent research commissioned by the Fire Brigades Union and independently carried out by the University of Central Lancashire, that evidences instances of cancer among firefighters aged 35-39 is up to 323% higher than t