Life Support

FlamePro are key supply partners of food and meal package to governments globally, with intense attention to detail and execution of

We have developed a comprehensive range of ORP/MRE Meal packages and can also custom make long life food packs to meet nutritional, dietary and budget requirements. This, along with our water carriage, storage and purification systems provides a complete, end to end, life support capability that can be scaled according to requirements.

The size and scale of our operation means we have the capability to respond rapidly to significant global emergencies and the flexibility to cater for the requirements of a wide range of organisations, groups and individuals.

All manufacturers have passed our stringent quality assurance criteria, including in-person visits and ongoing quality inspections are completed on all production by in-country staff employed by FlamePro.

ORP (UK)/MRE (US) meal packages 
Meals are delivered as 24 hour boxes with condiments and additional extras such as tissues. Meals vary, offering a broad range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. vegetarian and halal options, are included in the UK option)

Water carriage and purification capability 
Using basic data for water consumption, 4 litres of water is required for men and 3 litres per day for women. Military planning for operations identifies that additional water is necessary, for working in arduous conditions. As a benchmark, it is possible to estimate daily quantities required for military units or formations.

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