Medical Equipment

Be prepared, save lives. Emergency medical supplies and kits for rapid casualty intervention on the battlefield.

Kitted out for casualty intervention

When there is no time to lose, we act fast. When your team is deployed to provide rapid casualty intervention in military and humanitarian aid environments, we are right beside you with the kit you need. We’re on hand to rapidly deploy essential frontline medical equipment, including high-quality combat medical kits, armoured ambulances, and field hospital modules. Send your troops out with confidence, with cutting-edge medical supplies delivered ready for active duty. Help them to stabilise casualties ready for transportation and further treatment by advancing their rapid intervention capabilities.

Enabling swift medical attention

We have a track record of satisfying rapid procurement demands at volume. Our military partnerships inform our procurement process, allowing us to quickly supply the emergency medical supplies you need most. Need quality medical combat kits, armoured ambulances and frontline medical equipment to treat active operatives injured on duty? With FlamePro, you’ve got it.

Setting life-saving standards

Only the highest possible standards are good enough when it comes to saving lives. We use ISO 9001-certified manufacturers and suppliers for our emergency medical supplies. The best time for medical equipment delivery is ahead of active duty. We equip your team for rapid medical response and intervention on the battlefield.

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17 April 2024

We have been awarded a place on the ESPO Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing framework (144), which makes buying FlamePro kit easier than