Medical Supplies

We provide medical supplies for the front line where rapid medical attention will need to be given in immediate capacity to stabilise a casualty and prep them for transportation with an armoured ambulance.

Individual first aid kits

Designed to provide lifesaving intervention at the ‘Point of Wounding’ on the battlefield. Reference to the use of ‘buddy buddy aid’ but using the FFD and CAT tourniquet of the casualty.

CASEVAC/MEDEVAC vehicles role 1 (armoured) 

That the UK Battlefield Ambulance (BFA) has limited protection and in combat, is designed to be supported by a protected mobility or armoured vehicle evacuation plan. However, these will be used for transfer away from near the front line to the Role 2 Surgical Capability and ICU.

CASEVAC/MEDEVAC vehicles – Patient transfer standard 
Standard ambulances would be utilised for patient care and for example, has the capability to carry ventilated patients from the Role 2 complex to the Role 3 field hospital. Nonprotected mobility ambulance assets will provide wide utility in the treatment of casualties whilst they are being transferred.

Trauma surgery capability role 2 – Mobile surgery and ICU
Highly dependent on Real Life Support, but in place as a more immediate surgical capability that can be removed in under 45 minutes. Will be supported by logistics of patient transfer ambulances to the Role 3 hospital.

Trauma surgery capability role 3 – Field hospital & ICU
The final section of the ‘casualty care pathway’ in place, to ensure that those injured or wounded in battle, will receive appropriate medical care and that following evacuation within UKR AF clinical time lines, and the battlefield injuries are survivable.

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