Performance Grading

The performance grading that you see throughout our site represent how we grade each product on different aspects.

The grading is somewhat subjective but does come from experience, technical data, comparisons and expert knowledge.


Heat Resistance

This performance indicator shows how well a product is a protecting the wearer from sudden and intense increases in heat. Higher scores show that the product will delay the heat transfer for longer.


Flame Resistance

This suggests how well a garment deals with contact with flames. A low score would suggest that the garment may ignite or melt after short periods of contact, whereas high scores suggest that the material can deal well with flames.



A very breathable suit allows wearers to sweat and shed heat from their body with ease. Breathability is becoming a more important issue as the industry is becoming more aware of the risks of heat stress.



This is all about how much the material used in the suit weighs. A higher score means a lighter fabric. Lighter suits make it easier for firefighters to move flexibly and with less burden.



The strength of a product comes in many forms. Tear strength, puncture resistance, resistance to abrasion. This scale represents the overall strength of the materials use in the suit.



The displays whether a product is or is not waterproof.