Personal Protective Equipment and Load Carry

FlamePro specialises in the manufacture of life saving PPE.

With our partner manufacturers, we can produce 10,000 Molle vests, back backs, level 3A soft armour plates, neck and groin protection, level 4 ballistic plates and light weight helmets per month. This means we can kit out 10 battalions per month.

All manufacturers have passed our stringent quality assurance criteria, including in-person visits and ongoing quality inspections are completed on all production by in-country staff employed by FlamePro. 

Molle vest carrier 
Molle revolutionised gear through its multifunctionality. The gear is layered with rows and columns of webbing, allowing the adaptation of the gear to specific and variable purposes, i.e. for adding pouches, for ammunition, IFAK’s, ration packs and water.
The equipment is entirely customisable to suit a particular mission or circumstance.

Add on neck and groin protection
This is available as an extra, and is used by personnel in static positions, but tends to be removed by those in frontline combat.

Soft armour protection 
NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IIIA (9 MM. FMJ)  available for the molle vests and the add on protection areas for the neck, groin and shoulders. Certified to  NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IIIA

Armour piercing rifle threat plate
NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IV Offering NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IV protection for frontline combat personnel.

Back pack
Designed for by military personnel.

Helmets and body armour (molle) offering ballistic protection
Helmets are also used to provide a more complete protection to the body. It is important that the helmets are ballistic. Helmets would
be certified to NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA.

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