MSA Gallet F1XF Firefighter Helmet


A modular helmet to meet your needs


Fully adaptable and available in a rainbow of colours, the MSA Gallet F1XF firefighter helmet can be adapted to meet the needs of your team. No matter what your spec, you can guarantee high levels of protection and overall comfort.


The huge array of add-ons and adaptations mean this helmet is the opposite of “one-size-fits-all". Inside, the helmet has a flame-resistant, padded headband, made of Nomex or leather and adjustable crown straps made of aramide and Velcro® fasteners. The adjustable padded chinstrap has a quick-release buckle for fast application.


On the outside, the high-temperature thermoplastic shell exceeds the EN443 standards for heat and impact resistance, while the face shield is available in clear or gold-coated polycarbonate. Both have been designed for optimal visibility and protection against heat and glare.


Made with cutting-edge technology and close attention to detail, the MSA Gallet F1XF sets a new standard for protection, comfort, and design.


NOTE: The neck curtain, lighting brackets or lamps aren’t included with this helmet. For additional items and a quote please contact us.


Technical Rescue

Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, White