Our company specialises in the design and manufacturing of garments. With this knowledge we have the capability of producing 50,000 garments per month, to cope with all different weather conditions, from extreme cold, inclement weather to summer heat. This will ensure that an army can be provided the necessary clothing and protection they need to function in coherent manner.

All manufacturers have passed our stringent quality assurance criteria, including in-person visits and ongoing quality inspections are completed on all production by in-country staff employed by FlamePro.

Personal clothing system/battle dress uniform in Ukranian pattern 
Garments designed to those engaged at the front line to allow maximum agility but also layering up with additional layers for cold or inclement weather and also for use in conjunction with MOLLE vests.

Cold weather clothing 
This is designed to go over the battle dress uniform to provide protection against extreme cold weather.

Boots (waterproof and cold weather) 
Assault boots are designed to protect you against moisture, slips and shocks, improve your responsiveness, and provide all-day comfort and support.

Winterisation kits 
Winterisation kits are designed to provide warmth and shelter for personnel in extreme cold weather. They can comprise with tents and heaters. Also included are sleeping systems, comprising of a sleeping bag, bivy bag, stuff bag and roll mat.

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