All FlamePro® garments are constructed using materials and components to meet end user requirements and that conform to the level of protection under which these products are tested. Purchasing officers, responsible for ‘duty of care’, will also have given careful thought to their own risk assessment process prior to purchase. After purchasing it is most important to continue that care process.

The protection offered by garments is strictly controlled by various standards and norms when the products are first manufactured. It is the duty of management to ensure that a robust inspection, care and maintenance programme is instituted to cover the lifetime of the garment. All garments carry sewn-in labels printed with wash/care instructions and it is important that these are strictly followed to ensure continuing compliance with the standards. In addition to following good practice within the PPE Regulation it is also very sensible from an economic perspective that good care is taken of garments. The lifespan of all garments can be extended considerably by good management and this will prove to be a very cost effective way of ensuring that value for money is achieved.

FlamePro are happy to advise on any aspect of care.