High Volume Pumping Kit

Dry Kit for HVPs

When you are on a High Volume Pump (HVP) one thing is for sure, you are going to get wet. When your firefighters get wet, they get cold and uncomfortable. We don’t want that to happen, so our HVP kit is specially designed to keep them dry in the wettest conditions.


Whether they are attending fires or floods, they might be wet on the outside, but they will be dry and warm on the inside. And we haven’t compromised on breathability. Our highly visible, lightweight and breathable HVP suits will keep your team comfortable.

Specialist kit for specialist work

On major incident jobs, it is all hands on deck to get the job done. In our specialist HVP kit, your team is ready for anything. They will be able to move easily, won’t get fatigued quickly by the weight of the kit they’re wearing and will be fully protected from the elements.

Kit that fits

One size definitely doesn’t fit all. So we make our firefighting gear in 96 sizes. When kit doesn’t fit right, your firefighters are compromising on safety. We know our kit works, because the people who use it tell us so.


It is not just the suits you need. You want your firefighters to be covered from head to toe. That is why we make sure the boots, gloves and helmets we sell are just as reliable as our jackets, trousers and base layer, so you can get everything you need with the same FlamePro high standards. And we are proud that every item we design exceeds EN (European Norms) standards.

FlamePro Fire Brochure

Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our suits for High Volume Pumping, accessories and services.


Defence Testimonial

When it comes to military and defence procurement, you need a partner that can deliver reliable, resilient products to meet rapid, high-volume turnarounds. With FlamePro Defence, that’s just the start


Frontline action can happen in any environment, with personnel exposed to extreme cold and heat, challenging terrain and changing conditions. To keep them safe, alert and ready for engagement, they need comfort, flexibility and exceptional levels of protection.

- Deence, FLamePro

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Looking for the right HVP kit?

FlamePro sells high quality high volume pumping kit that keeps your team dry and comfortable. Talk to us to find out more.

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