Structural Firefighting PPE

Structural gear for maximum protection

From the layers closest to their skin to the layers closes to the danger, great structural kit saves firefighters lives. It needs to be strong, but lightweight. Sturdy, but flexible. Ready for anything. Just like your crew.

From the ground up, we have invested in firefighter approved designs to make structural fire protection that firefighters want to wear.

Your kit, designed for you

All our firefighting clothing is designed to work for the person who is wearing it, that is why we offer clothing in 96 different sizes to suit every body. And we offer a wide range of sizes on boots gloves and helmets too. Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Talk to us and we will figure it out together.


We bring our attention to detail and dedication to tech to every product. Using our in-house design service, we can create custom items that do what you need them to do.

Kit that fits

Every firefighter is important, every firefighter is different. That is why we work closely with every customer to make sure you are getting the best option for every situation.


Our design team has leading fabric makers, standards board members, Chief Fire Officers and firefighters on speed dial and gets them involved in the design process.


The result is comfortable, lightweight structural kit that firefighters want to wear. We will keep your team safe from head to toe.

FlamePro Fire Brochure

Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our suits, accessories and services for firefighters when tackling structural fires.


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