Technical rescue

Technical kit for technical rescue. Keeping your people safe no matter what the job.

Safety meets agility

Technical rescue can run for a couple of hours or several days. Firefighters on a rescue job need to be visible, agile and adaptable. The right firefighter rescue suit can help with all of these. Whether your team is on a search and rescue mission or attending a traffic accident, our rescue kit means they are dressed for the job.

When you need it

Not everything goes to plan. We get it. That is why we can deliver stock items next day. And when you need custom items, we will design them with you and get them to you within industry leading timescales. We are leading the industry in our turn-around times thanks to our European manufacturing. If there is something you need that we do not offer, talk to us. Our design team loves a challenge!

Kit for every rescue

Whether your team is attending a rope rescue or an urban search and rescue, our technical rescue kit helps your people get the job done. We know what your team might be facing because we work with experts to design the kit that firefighters need. We have even thought carefully about where we put pockets and hanging loops so your firefighters have the tools they need where they need them.

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Access the latest FlamePro Fire brochure, covering a range of our technical rescue suits, accessories and services.

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Find the right technical rescue kit

FlamePro makes firefighter rescue suits and firefighter rescue jackets that will keep your team safe while letting them move. Talk to us about what you need.

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31 October 2019

Purchasing the firefighter PPE for your team is a huge responsibility.   You’re choosing the garments which protect them in life or death situations,